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I’m not religious. But I don’t hate religious people.

I don’t believe in a god. I do think Jesus sounds like a cool guy. A wanderer, encouraging peace and goodwill towards others, hanging out with the outcasts of society, turning water into wine? Sounds like my kind of guy. As far as the whole son of God thing…. ehh, maybe. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. The Buddha had some interesting teachings. And I like the religions that are polytheistic (I’m sure there’s a Hindu god of sweets). I don’t follow or believe in any of these religions though. That sure as hell doesn’t make me any better or worse than someone who does.
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Why the “Nerd Girl” needs to die

I hate the term “gamer girl”. I hate “nerd girl”, “geek chick”, “nerdette” or any combo of nerd-related word plus term used to describe women. And if you call yourself any of these things, well, I probably don’t like you much either. I play video games, and I don’t have a penis. These things have nothing to do with each other. There are many reasons I hate any of the “nerd girl” stereotypes. Especially the “hot nerd girl” ones. Because yes, I like being boiled down to the fact that I have tits and read comic books. Oh boy, I sure do love that.
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Heroes of Cosplay is bad, and Syfy should feel bad

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Maybe you heard about this show Syfy has started showing called Heroes of Cosplay. If you do cosplay, or enjoy the works of cosplayers, then odds are this show isn’t for you. If you have no clue what cosplay is, this show still isn’t for you. Actually, this show is really for no one, and you shouldn’t be giving Syfy the ad revenue. What, praytell, is Heroes of Cosplay you ask? On the surface, it’s a documentary/reality TV show, following several cosplayers and the “famous” Yaya Han, as they work through costumes, go to conventions, enter competitions, and try to earn fame and glory for themselves. I know, that doesn’t sound too bad, right? Within the first 15 minutes, I was already disgusted by what I was seeing. None of the cosplayers shown “cosplay for fun”, instead cosplaying mostly to enter contests, earn money, and further their own fame/brand name. Many of them had significant others who helped them out to the point of being sweatshop workers (Jinyo doing all the embroidery comes heavily to mind). The show stated that many cosplayers spend months of work and thousands of dollars to enter competitions with money on the line.

I don’t know what you think, but that couldn’t be less true 90% of the time if it tried.
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I think y’all need to calm your yayas…

Odds are if you’re part of the cosplay community, you’ve probably read my scathing rant about Heroes of Cosplay on Nerd Junkies just kidding, it’s on here now. Your opinions on that piece probably range from “GREAT ARTICLE” to “well, I agree with you here, but disagree here” to “OMG YOU’RE JUST AS BAD AS THE TV SHOW THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS”.

Good. Have an opinion. Be vocal about it. No matter what it may be in relation to mine.
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I’d laugh at the irony more if I wasn’t mad.

So you may have read a piece about my opinions on the GDC 2013 and the IGDA/YetiZen party. And how some ladies took to twitter to express their anger and disagreement with my opinions. And totally tell me that I was a gender traitor and a sexist. Yeah, that was interesting.

A friend linked me to a recent tweet by one of them about how she was banned from r/feminism because people can’t take a joke. Now, I don’t care for Reddit anyways, but goddamn. She went on to say things along the lines of how it was clearly a joke, and if you saw her other posts you’d realize her actual stance on things, and that people need to lighten up and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions and judge her based solely on that and it’s so hard to tell tone and inflection on the internet and so on.

Oh, the fucking irony. Granted, what I said back in March was less joking, and more just general opinions, but still. She’s upset for the very SAME REASONS she attacked me. The irony, it hurts.

The Big Bang Theory is not a show for “Nerds”

I can’t stand TBBT. And it’s not because I didn’t give it a chance. Since coming back to Vegas, I’ve been living at home with my dad and his girlfriend, saving up to move out. They both love TBBT, so it’s on constantly. Or rather, when she moved in, she liked the show, and well, my dad watches it with her. So I now watch about 4-5 episodes a week while I’m sitting on the couch, working on stuff and trying to be sociable instead of hiding in my room.

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