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Flawless Albums

I listen to a lot of music. I can find an enjoyable song or two on most albums I’m handed, regardless of genre, musician, or even language. However, there are a few that I feel are flawless in the sense that I can go back to them, and find almost nothing I dislike from it. They aren’t necessarily the best albums, or even my favorites, but they are time and time again albums I can listen to end to end without wanting to skip a track. I guess it’s rather telling about my musical tastes that these are the ones I picked though.

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Deja Entendu? Au Contraire.

I realized that Brand New’s sophomore album, Deja Entendu, is well over a decade old now. I remember when it came out; I was in middle school, angsty, and thought I related to it then. Oddly enough, I still relate to it. It’s an interesting album, with really no bad song. Every lyric, smart; every beat meaningful. Less than an hour long, I still find myself listening to it, finding new meaning, a new breakthrough on how those songs are poignantly applicable to my life. It’s among my favorite albums of all times; pretty crazy considering I was but a fresh faced teenager the first time I listened to it.
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Kanye West: The struggle between man and celebrity

I read a review not long after Yeezus came out that said there were two sides to Kanye, the man and the celebrity. I however argue there are three sides to him: the musician, a brilliant and experimental producer whose lyrics have helped set off a new world of rap; the celebrity, a self-centered madman who will do what he wants, when he wants, regardless of anyone else; and the man, someone whose very existence we’re not sure of at times, but he’s there. You can tell the man loves his family, and cares about inequality and injustice; you can tell the musician wants to bring rap to a higher art form, away from the “hoodrat” stereotype common in 1990s rap; you know the celebrity, his antics making the news worldwide.
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