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You’re probably not watching enough anime. No, seriously.

A lot of people who aren’t super close to me don’t realize just how much anime I’ve watched over the last few years. Which is quite a bit, but honestly still nowhere near as much as a few friends of mine. But I have seen quite a bit. And I’m here to say if you watch anime, and you’re waiting for dubs for a series, you’re not watching enough. And if you’re only watching things that air on US television, you’re definitely not watching enough anime. And that’s truly to your detriment.
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I’m not religious. But I don’t hate religious people.

I don’t believe in a god. I do think Jesus sounds like a cool guy. A wanderer, encouraging peace and goodwill towards others, hanging out with the outcasts of society, turning water into wine? Sounds like my kind of guy. As far as the whole son of God thing…. ehh, maybe. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. The Buddha had some interesting teachings. And I like the religions that are polytheistic (I’m sure there’s a Hindu god of sweets). I don’t follow or believe in any of these religions though. That sure as hell doesn’t make me any better or worse than someone who does.
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Why the “Nerd Girl” needs to die

I hate the term “gamer girl”. I hate “nerd girl”, “geek chick”, “nerdette” or any combo of nerd-related word plus term used to describe women. And if you call yourself any of these things, well, I probably don’t like you much either. I play video games, and I don’t have a penis. These things have nothing to do with each other. There are many reasons I hate any of the “nerd girl” stereotypes. Especially the “hot nerd girl” ones. Because yes, I like being boiled down to the fact that I have tits and read comic books. Oh boy, I sure do love that.
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