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I Ate That: Curry Zen and Sweets Raku

The cool part about living in Las Vegas is that if you like food, there’s tons of it here. Good food! Interesting food! And not just on the Strip! I live across from one of the best tamale places in the valley, and only minutes away from one of greatest breakfast spots (I’m sorry, but any place I can get s’mores pancakes and have Spam as a choice of meat is great). Between my office and work is countless amazing Mexican places, and the 4 mile foodie wonderland that is Las Vegas’s Chinatown. Not feeling like cooking tonight, I decided to head there after work, and give Curry Zen and Sweets Raku a try.
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Don’t let your food life get boring

Today I found myself yet again turning down my coworkers’ lunch invitation. It’s not that I hate my coworkers; I find them rather enjoyable people for the most part. Part of it is money-related: for the cost of going out to lunch, that’s money that could go elsewhere. Part of it is time-related: going out to lunch, especially with others, causes my workday to become longer than I’d like. A majority of it is food-related: they tend to go out for the same things every time. Burgers, some sort of deli, occasionally Panda Express (even though our office is just a few blocks away from Chinatown). My lunches are a varied bunch, and probably a bit better for me. Today was leftover Kenyan food from the Wine 5 Cafe. Last week there were various leftovers from dinner the previous night. Usually something a bit strange, usually unique, always delicious. Which got me thinking: maybe they go out for the same stuff all the time because it’s comfortable and recognizable. Which, to me, means boring. Read the rest of this entry »