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The Duty of Jury Duty

I recently spent nearly two weeks serving on a jury for a civil suit (Jonathan Friedrich V. Rancho Bel Air POA Unit 2, Inc. and Performance CAM, LLC). And lemme tell you what, that sure was something. To be honest, I didn’t hate jury duty itself. What I hated were the circumstances around me serving, both in and out of the court.

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Mental Illness doesn’t discriminate: The death of Robin Williams

The recent death of Robin Williams is a horrible loss. For his family, his friends, his fans, truly, the whole world. Finding out it was a suicide saddened me, but knowing of his history with addiction, depression, and other issues, it didn’t shock me. “But why? Why would a man so loved and adored who had so much going for him be driven to suicide?” Honestly, that’s probably the worst part. A man idolized and revered, who even sought help, still was ultimately consumed by a hurt that most people can’t even fathom. That’s the kicker: mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, et all don’t care who you are, how much you make, how much people care about you. It has the power to overtake and ruin the best of humankind. Read the rest of this entry »

Older than I’ve ever been.

I recently turned 24. When my dad asked me how it felt, my response was “not much different”. I can bet that between 24 and 25 will feel worlds different than 23 to 24 did. And I even did quite a bit during my 23rd year. I graduated from college. I moved into my own, non-school-owned place. I got a real adult job, and subsequently, started paying real adult bills. I got a car, then once that one tried to kill me one too many times, got another car. (life goal achieved: bought a Beetle. It’s a 2012, and looks much less cute than the New Beetle model, but it’s so nice~) I started being that friend you have that goes to bed at 10 pm because of her work schedule. And yet… I still don’t feel that different.

I do of course feel different that I did when I turned 14. Or 16. Or 18. Or 21 even. For the first time since I started kindergarten, I don’t have school. I haven’t had a curfew in years. I don’t have homework, I get regular sleep, I have money! (And bills, which eat up most of that money, but there’s still totally money there!) High school, best years of my life? Not even close. College was better probably because I traveled quite a bit. But even then, I’d take the life I have right now over either of those time periods again. Freedom from curfews, from homework that takes away ‘me time’, from the rules of living under such and such roof. Sure, I’ve got a load of responsibilities for work and paying bills on time and following road rules, but there’s so much I can do now because I want to. Every day is no pants Tuesday if I want it to be. I can have ice cream for breakfast. I don’t have to make my bed if I don’t wanna. Honestly, being a young adult with a stable job and the ability to pay bills is way better than compulsory education or watching thousands of dollars go into a piece of paper. I guess the misery I went through with school paid off, which makes right now that much more awesome.

I’m really looking forward to being 25. Not to be older, but because CAR INSURANCE RATES DROP AND I CAN RENT A CAR FOR CHEAP. Never again do I ever want to have to rent a car again until I’m 25.

That’s not how the First Amendment works…

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Yes, you have the freedom of speech. Yes, you can’t be jailed for almost all speech (yelling FIRE in a movie theater totally not protected, but KKK protests totally okay). You are NOT, however, protected from your non-government company deciding your speech is damning to them, and being “let go”. Nor are you protected from other people utilizing their free speech to speak out against your free speech.

Isn’t America great?
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