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I’d laugh at the irony more if I wasn’t mad.

So you may have read a piece about my opinions on the GDC 2013 and the IGDA/YetiZen party. And how some ladies took to twitter to express their anger and disagreement with my opinions. And totally tell me that I was a gender traitor and a sexist. Yeah, that was interesting.

A friend linked me to a recent tweet by one of them about how she was banned from r/feminism because people can’t take a joke. Now, I don’t care for Reddit anyways, but goddamn. She went on to say things along the lines of how it was clearly a joke, and if you saw her other posts you’d realize her actual stance on things, and that people need to lighten up and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions and judge her based solely on that and it’s so hard to tell tone and inflection on the internet and so on.

Oh, the fucking irony. Granted, what I said back in March was less joking, and more just general opinions, but still. She’s upset for the very SAME REASONS she attacked me. The irony, it hurts.