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The Drops of God and the Stigma of “Graphic Novels”

Upon hearing about The Drops of God, a Japanese manga about the interesting world of wine, I became interested and infatuated with it. This was a manga that swayed wine prices throughout Asia, and was well received in France and beyond. Surely, this series, now being available legally in English, would flourish in America among adults who enjoy wine and good stories right? Wrong.
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You’re probably not watching enough anime. No, seriously.

A lot of people who aren’t super close to me don’t realize just how much anime I’ve watched over the last few years. Which is quite a bit, but honestly still nowhere near as much as a few friends of mine. But I have seen quite a bit. And I’m here to say if you watch anime, and you’re waiting for dubs for a series, you’re not watching enough. And if you’re only watching things that air on US television, you’re definitely not watching enough anime. And that’s truly to your detriment.
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