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I don’t ‘get’ Macklemore (or the Grammys in general)

So the Grammys happened not that long ago, and I being the person I am did not watch them because I was probably sleeping or watching the Food Network. I did however wake up to the aftermath, and by aftermath I mostly mean me saying “Macklemore? Really?” I just… don’t ‘get’ him.

Now, I don’t wish him ill; I don’t want him to stop making music; I don’t even want him to trip and hurt himself. I’m certain him and I would probably get along really well. But I just don’t care for him as a rapper and I’m trying to figure out why. It can’t be just because ‘oh he’s a white rapper’. I don’t really like Eminem, but I ‘get’ him. I like Atmosphere and Aesop Rock and even Bubba Sparks just fine. It can’t be the music: that horn part from Thrift Shop is stupidly catchy, and Ryan Lewis is a great producer. Plus I rather enjoy the songs during the times someone else’s voice is being heard rather than Macklemore’s. Can’t be the themes of the music. I too am not gay and yet want gay marriage to be legal and people of all genders and sexualities to be accepted. I also enjoy bringing $20 to thrift shops and attempt to look like someone’s grandpa. Maybe I just don’t think he’s a great rapper? Kendrick Lamarr was totally robbed of the Rap Album of the year award (and even Macklemore agreed), and I even find it odd that Thrift Shop won Rap Song of the Year (although had it won out to Kayne’s BLKKK SKKKNHEAD instead of beating New Slaves, I’d be upset).

Then the Grammys are bad at non-American music, let alone music in non-mainstream genres. Punk/ska bands will never win a Grammy. Tupac and Biggie never won Grammys. It’s rare that non-American, and even less so non-Western countries’ musicians are up for the “big awards”. Although I liked that Random Access Memories got Album of the Year, RAM is a far cry from Discovery which is hands down the greatest Daft Punk if not EDM album ever and THAT NEVER won ANY awards.

Maybe in a year or two I’ll ‘get’ Macklemore. Maybe the Grammys will finally appreciate rap and hip hop beyond just “what’s selling and who has the best mass consumer appeal”. Maybe Mackelmore’s hair will be less stupid. I can dream, can’t I?