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The search for less of the same…

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With Microsoft’s recent announcement that the Xbox One would no longer require the new Kinect to be attached to function, I as a consumer cheered. Gone are the draconian “daily check in” requirements, the unclearly outlined used games policy, and now the Kinect requirement. As a consumer, this is amazing! Microsoft listened to its fanbase (I mean preorder numbers and possible loss of sales), and is trying to fix what it can to make you, me, us, the end users, happier! This is a win! Now just sell it to me sans Kinect for $400! It’ll be great!

As someone who craves difference and uniqueness, I weep. Sure, the initial Xbox One MS tried to sell me on was odd, had features I didn’t care about (oh boy, I can yell at my TV to change the channel), and was pricier, but I had to hand it to MS for at least trying to be different. I still feel some of the features they wanted will be rolled out over the years, once the base is already installed. It’s a much better plan, to add one of those features in every so often, instead of trying to do it all at once. But now, well… We essentially get the same specs as a PS4, with more TV capabilities, and nearly the same games.
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Phil Fish is gone now. I’m actually kinda sad.

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If you don’t know, I hate Phil Fish. I hate his mutton chops. I hate his glasses. I hate his smug “better than you, more important you, now and forever” god complex he has going on. I have had several chances to just deck him at events and parties I’ve been at, and well, I should have. I disagreed with his opinions on just about everything. I hated the fact that he released Fez on Steam after talking smack all day about how PCs were glorified spreadsheet machines. I hated every section of Indie Game: The Movie he’s in, as if he reminded me of his self-centered “you’re not worthy of my works” attitude with every second of film.
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The Death of Nintendo?

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ZombiU was a commercial failure. Even with some Wii U’s being bundled with the game, it just didn’t sell. And despite being one of the more popular launch titles, Ubisoft has pretty much come out and said there won’t be a sequel. There’s no desire to even think about making one. This isn’t the only story of a third party developer not being pleased with the Wii U. Remember EA’s promise of a new and exciting partnership with Nintendo? Yeah, that kinda fizzled out into oblivion. Very few third parties, even Japanese ones, are coming to the Wii U with ports, let alone exclusives. Sure, there are still plans to release titles like Watch Dogs, a specialized version of Batman: Arkham City, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and more. And yes, exclusives like Bayonetta 2 are coming. And of course, we can’t forget the first party powerhouse games the house of Nintendo will bring to us. But is it enough to keep the struggling Wii U afloat?
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Bioshock Inifinite was good. Great would be pushing it.

Now that I’ve finally played and finished Bioshock Infinite, I feel that I can properly talk about it. The good, the bad, the really bad, and why I still enjoyed it. I do feel that it’s a game everyone who enjoyed Bioshock 1 and 2 should play. I even feel that if FPSs aren’t your thing (they really aren’t mine), you should play it. If story isn’t your thing though, well, this isn’t the greatest FPS in the world. There will be spoilers in this post though, so do be aware.

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#1ReasonWhy We Need to Change the Way We Fight Against Sexism

I originally had this up on Gamasutra, and wrote it during GDC2013. It’s made it’s way around the internet, and here it is, on my own site.

I’ve spent the last few days at GDC13, networking, making contacts, seeing cool things, attending sessions, and learning more about the industry I’m so very passionate about. I’m all set to graduate in May from college with two degrees, a Bachelor of Science focusing on game programming, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts dealing with game art and animation. Also, I’m a woman. Does that last bit of information change your perspective on me? And more importantly, should it? Should I be forever prefacing “game developer” with “female” when I talk about what I do as a career? Should that even matter? Read the rest of this entry »