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It’s like Pokemon for the first time!

I bought Pokemon X. Or rather, was bullied from various directions into getting it. Now, this is actually huge news. I haven’t owned a Pokemon game since Gold/Silver. Not HeartGold/SoulSilver. I haven’t played a Pokemon game in well over a decade.

What a grand time to hop back in.

It’s not that I haven’t had the ability to play the other Pokemon games. I had the handhelds, I had the money, I had the time, I lacked the interest. Don’t know if I missed much to be honest. But for X and Y, it was like playing Pokemon again for the first time. I went in blind, not knowing anything about newer Pokemon, new game mechanics, the craziness that is EV training (which for a long time I thought was actually related to Eevees), extended breeding, various traits, or any of that crap. Everything is new. Everything is mind blowing. Everything is crazy. And I just want to catch them all.

Visually, X is great. A full 3D Pokemon game, combined with cel-shading to give a pleasing look to everything. Based off of France, Kalos has an incredibly unique look from what I’ve seen out of other Pokemon games (which of course isn’t a lot), and is huge to explore. Each version has over half of the 700+ Pokemon available for you to catch, so I’ll be kept busy. The addition of the Player Search System makes it nice for me to trade with friends and strangers. Wonder Trade is pretty awesome. I’m addicted to Pokemon-Aime (easily a third of my game time so far has just been that). Getting EXP for catching Pokemon is lovely! Trading directly from boxes! 8 way directional movement! And so much more that really make this game great.

Then of course, my gripes. Like HMs still being a thing even though TMs are now reusable. Dealing with cut is so suffering, why is that still a thing? EXP Share is waaaaaaaaaaay overpowered (although also incredibly useful for me and my goal of evolving Pokemon in a timely manner). Fuck the roller skates, I just wanna walk dammit. I’m seriously uninterested in the story, and the other “kids” are annoying as hell. I don’t give any fucks about Team Flare and their stylish asses, I just wanna catch them all. And can we stop with the super humanoid Pokemon that really like odd parts of them rubbed in Pokemon-Aime? I feel like a furry.

Overall, I am enjoying the game though. I’m about 25 hours in, 4 badges. I think going in as blind and as unknowing of recent features has made the game feel fresh and exciting. It really feels like when I was younger, out to become a Pokemon Master.

But when do I get my game where I can steal other trainers’ Pokemon? You know, Pokemon: Team Rocket edition.


OK, so couple things:

use the d-pad to not use the rollerskates, I missed that textbox, so I found out after about an hour of going "let me be presise, damn it!"

EXP Share doesn't give EV's (I think, don't quote me on that one), so it's more a convinience thing for us casual players that don't want to worry about RL tournaments

My current theory on why HM's are still HM's is to make them stand out on the list (apparenty only surf is required, and strength just opens nonvital pathways in most occasions), and to help those kids that are used to the system. Also, stops people from complaining "Why is Cut not HM01, why is it TMinsertNumberHere? Be more like my childhood!"

Finally, there IS a game where you steal other's pokemon. Pokemon Coliseum and Pokemon XD for the Gamecube. You could only steal the pokemon that had been tortured by the game's team rocket (Snagem) but it was the way you got Gold and Silver game pokemon into the GBA games; Ruby/Saphire/Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green.